PSD File size is too large? : How to reduce PSD file size.

Your PSD  file size is too large?

It cost you trouble when sending file to your coworker, doesn't it?

This is the easiest way to get rid of the problem ^^.

Let me use this file as an example.

This file contains 5 layers and 2 font layers. The size is 36.4 Mb as *.psd format.
If you use Winzip or Winrar, the file'll be reduce to 29.6. That's not much, isn't it?

:: Follow this method to reduce the size by half! ::

1. Finish your work or make it ready to save.
2. File >>> save as
3. Choose *.TIFF format
4. Look at Layer compression and select RLE for faster save but larger file or select ZIP to take longer time but get the smallest size.
5. Zip or Winrar your *.tiff file.
6. Finish!!!

You don't have to merge image if you reduce your file size by saving as *.tiff format. The layers and font will be the same as *.psd file. The only different is the size of file that being reduced by half!

The beginning file is 36.4 file size. After I convert to *.tiff and zip it, it's only 13.6 Mb.

So easy, isn't it ^^ And it's safe. I've not yet found a problem with it and it can convert back to *.psd file if you like.


This's the end. I hope this could be some of help^^